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2004 Was a Good Year for Computer Users

Computer Angels was born out of the experience of Peter Strong, an accomplished computer specialist. Peter had just returned to the UK in 2004 after a decade of working on the continent with such names as UBS and Merrill Lynch, and his very first purchase was a PC for use at home.

"I'd always had access to secure networks through my work, but suddenly I found myself exposed to the Internet without the protection of a corporate firewall and state of the art virus protection. I couldn't believe that as an experienced IT manager with a background in secure systems I was fighting a losing battle against viruses, spyware, and adware."

"I asked friends, people who didn't have the benefit of my industry experience, how they were coping, and the overwhelming response was that they simply weren't - everybody seemed to complain of slow systems, hijacked browsers, and virus scanners that had been disabled by malware."

One friend commented that what they really needed was something like the RAC, only for computers. A new business concept was born.

Computer Angels was founded on the principle that home and small business users shouldn't have to be experts to safely use their computers.

Our success is based on personal service, and we train our employees that it's the customer that's important, not the computer. Some people find computers more difficult to understand than others; we can help you to get the most out of your computer without leaving you bewildered.

What will this cost you? Less than you'd imagine, because we know what we're doing. That means faster solutions, and shorter visits, which in turn means lower bills. Once you've used us you'll probably wish we did plumbing as well…

“Your car breaks down – you pick up the phone – an hour later a bloke turns up and fixes it. Why shouldn’t I expect the same service for my computer?”