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What We Do

Computers Angels offer an attractive departure from the traditional IT Service Level Agreement. Rather than asking for a retainer whether or not you use the service, you simply pay for the support you use, and settle up at the end of each month.

Even better, we use a rolling month agreement which means that if you aren’t happy with our service you’re free to walk away – we don’t tie you down to a fixed term contract, or hide behind small print.

We believe that our approach to client relationship management will mean a long and productive partnership. Computer Angels look beyond the revenue that you generate for us, concentrating instead on helping your business to prosper and grow in an environment where your IT simply works for you - and, if we are keeping you happy, then we are happy too.

Choose what you do, and do it well…

It’s too easy for a company to try to be a jack of all trades, but as the adage points out – you end up as a master of none.

It’s simple really – the products and technologies used in larger businesses are different from those used in smaller businesses. The problems we meet are different too; and we believe that you can’t be an expert in both.

That’s why we specialise in small businesses and home computer support. We know products such as Microsoft Small Business Server like the back of our hands, and our skills with desktop machines, both PC and Mac, are unparalleled.

If your business is based in South West or Central London we could be the answer to your prayers…

“Why should I have to pay every month whether or not I use the services of my support company?”

How We Work

Many businesses, especially those using servers, should keep to a planned schedule of maintenance and housekeeping.

We start by offering a full audit of your systems, and if we think your business requires it we will suggest a monthly maintenance schedule that is tailored to your needs and agreed with you in advance.

This will allow us to stay on top of your systems and network. Your maintenance schedule allows us to anticipate problems, thereby reducing the likely level of call-outs needed to deal with technical issues.

Rapid response

On those occasions when technical problems do arise, Computer Angels will provide an excellent response in terms of both speed and technical competency. We will provide you with a guaranteed service level; all your critical problems will receive our attention within four hours or less (in practice this figure is closer to two hours). Our fleet of scooters, and South West London footprint, provide us with unmatched response capabilities and enable us to offer clients our services without charging for travelling time.

Paying for the services you receive

During all call-outs we take comprehensive notes of the work we undertake. You may elect to pay on a call-by-call basis or by monthly invoice. Our billing system will fully itemise the service provided so you now what you are paying for; we do not hide behind blanket terms such as ‘consultancy’.

What We Cost

As the skill sets required for supporting small business may differ from those used in the home environment, you'd expect to pay more for you business support.

Think again.

We won't charge you more because you have the word 'Limited' after your name. Instead we look at the skill sets involved.

Generally speaking, if you don't use a server you require the same sort of skill sets as those we use to service our home users - that means you pay the same rates:

In-House or Remote Support

If you visit one of our service centres or use our remote support service we charge for a minimum of 15 minutes (although we'll often waive the charge if you are already a customer and it's a quick fix). Otherwise the charges are:

First quarter hour - £30.00 +VAT

Each subsequent quarter hour - £25.00 +VAT

If however you require the more advanced skills required to work with servers our rates are:

First quarter hour - £35.00 +VAT

Each subsequent quarter hour - £30.00 +VAT

Call-out Charges

First half hour - £80.00 +VAT

Each subsequent quarter hour - £25.00 +VAT

Weekend/post 6pm rates: add £5.00 +VAT per quarter hour

On-site servers rates are:

First half hour - £70.00 +VAT

Each subsequent quarter hour - £30.00 +VAT

Weekend/post 6pm rates: add £5.00 +VAT per quarter hour

All our work carries the famous Computer Angels no fix - no fee guarantee.

Out of Area Surcharges

To be agreed with customers on a call-by-call basis

Where We Work

Coverage Area

Coverage Area London

If you are based outside of our coverage area then call us and we'll tell you what our travel charges will be - we've travelled over 100 miles to keep existing customers happy so the chances are we'll probably be able to help you out too.